I gave a lecture online presentation for university students of tourism in Western Japan in 2022.

There were several professional tour guides were selected to give a lecture for about 10 different universities all over Japan. Talking about professional tour guide, job, an examination, how to start and build networks, and my personal history and experiences including live virtual tour.

I was chosen as the one because I’ve been continued to work as a tour guide for foreign guests by using an equipment for virtual tour during pandemic, never stopped moving.

I had more than 120 live virtual tours on Amazon Explore, virtual events for Square Enix USA, E-bay Israel, Hitachi Energy Europe and others.

Aside, I had worked for 360VR tour several times a month in 2022. Participants were all elderly people who are in assisted living and day care center.  It’s connected by online between my home and their facility. We traveled off the beaten spots as well as famous tourist spots in Japan using 360 virtual reality goggles. Some participants got emotional to remember their childhood and good old days with their family and friends. It was quite meaningful.