OLOM JAPAN Tours provides “Customized Private Tours ” and cherish a concept of “One Life One Meeting”.   It means that every encounter should be cherished as it may never happen again.  To meet and beyond your expectations, OLOM JAPAN Tours always have a thoughtfulness for each client to satisfy your wishes. 

For your delightful stay in Japan, I value time for communication with you to make a plan together.  I think it is very important to organize everything well in advance. Then will be flexible to adjust on your needs and requests during your tour. I would be grateful if you contact with me for your memorable stay in Japan.

Tour area

OLOM JAPAN Tours provides Private Tours in Tokyo, Kamakura, Yokohama, Hakone, Mt.Fuji area. Visiting other area in Kanto(the east side Japan) may possible depends on your visiting places. I can suggest some ideas and tours depends on your interests and preference.  All tour is based on your requests.  Please feel free to contact with me.


Hello. My name is Yukiko, National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English). I have been worked as a guide since 2015. I also have a license of Registered Nurse and Food sanitation manager. I was born and raised in Tokyo. I used to teach Japanese culture to local elementary students when I lived in Canada, United states, and New Zealand for about a year and a half so that a family with children are very welcomed. I have a medical back ground and would like “mobility” challenged customers (cane/wheelchair) enjoy their trip. I make a plan considering their physical conditions and will support based on your needs during a tour.  Let’s learn deeply about everything that comes into your view and get warm supports from your local private guide.