Thank you everyone for joining Private Customized Tours by OLOM Japan Tours in 2023.  I would like to say my gratitude and appreciation for all. After COVID was over, Japanese tourism has been boosting up, over 20 million people visited Japan in this year.

I had several repeat customers from Canada and the U.S.  It was a special memorable time to see them again in a few years. Some of my clients joined my first tour in 2017, so in 6 years. I was so glad for all my repeat customers to remember my first tour and contacted me again for their second and third visits. Repeat customers accounted for about 16 % of all my tours in 2023.

Many referred customers from Hong Kong, the U.S., Europe, Thai and Australia that was about 18 % of all tours. Of course, I met many new customers from all over the world, that was about 54 % of all. Other 10 % came through other travel agents in the high peak tourism season.

I would like to mention about Live virtual tour as well which has continued since 2020. I did 6 virtual tours in 2023 for my customers who were from Trinidad and Tobago, Philippine and the U.S.  I am really happy to send a live Japan through using online to people in the world. I have a strong passion and belief that better understanding and relationship between Japan and your country become a foundation of peace. Wish my small step as a guide will be of help.

I also would like to say thank my customers posting wonderful reviews. All reviews encouraged me a lot, it became my great motivation for future tours.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in 2024.  Wish you have a wonderful and happy new year!