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OLOM Japan Tours
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byAnonymous onOLOM Japan Tours
"Was great to see Tokyo"

Yuki, Thank you so much. I have been raving about the tour all day, so I will definitely be recommending you to family and friends. In fact you might hear me booking another tour in the near future.
Thank you again!

Chris (April.2021)

byFlore onOLOM Japan Tours
Live Zoom Asakusa Tour

Thank you so much Yukiko!!!! We loved the tour 🙂

Can’t wait to get out there in person...

Thank you so much again - stay safe!!

Flore(March 2021)

byAnonymous onOLOM Japan Tours
Live Zoom Tour

Thank You very much for the amazing tour.  Everybody in the team absolutely loved it.

You made us feel like we are really there visiting Tokyo and it was a beautiful experience.

We have learned a lot and had a wonderful time because of you.

Have a Great New Year and hopefully we will have a chance to meet again in the future and this time face to face.


S.H (December.2020)


byStan.C onOLOM Japan Tours
Tokyo virtual tour review with Yukiko Fujii

It was a pleasure to be able to have two different tours with Yukiko Fujii.

The first tour was a "live" tour to the Asakusa temple. We met Yukiko virtually through Zoom on the street and walked with her to the temple.  It was almost as good as actually being there. Yukiko gave an excellent introduction and overview of what we would see. Along the way she spoke with several shopkeepers and a rickshaw driver. She gave explanations of the conversations. She stopped at the small stores selling treats and at the fortune telling shop. She explained the ritual hand washing. Murals along the way helped explain the history of the temple, so that when we went through the gates we knew what to expect. The gates and 5 story pagoda were shown in detail, and it was much more "real" than if in a travelogue as we could ask questions and interact as she walked. Yukiko's english is excellent and she has a strong vocabulary, which enhances the explanations and conversations. The temple was fascinating and in the second tour we did get a chance to see inside. The hour seemed to go so very fast. The tour was excellent and highly recommended.

The second tour we did with Yukiko was using prepared videos and powerpoint slides in a Zoom meeting. As Yukiko was presenting and explaining the sites and history we could ask questions and get a better understanding, than if we were just watching a travelogue video. This feature made the tour much more enjoyable. Yukiko did a short, but thorough history lesson of Japan in the last 1000 years which helped when we visited the imperial palace and parks. Being able to ask questions as she spoke was excellent. The videos were like real walking tours and there was lots of time for descriptions and explanation. Yukiko used a detailed map which enabled us to understand the location of the palace, park and shopping areas. She kept coming back to the well labelled map before each mini tour so we could see how each area was located. The park areas were especially pleasing as Yukiko told us about the guiding principles in Japanese culture and often referred back to the historic periods to give context to the location. Yukiko added some historic photos which added to our understanding. Yukiko's videos themselves were very good as they did not try to cover too much, but focused on the key aspects of each area. It made us want to come and visit. Yukiko's knowledge and command of both languages made this most enjoyable and like the first tour, it is highly recommended.

(Stan. C  Oct.2020)


byHenry.M onOLOM Japan Tours

Try OLOM's "Virtual reality" tour. For budget conscious travelers who might need a Prefresher course for future travels in Japan.
"This 95% live tour with an experienced Guide will ready one for an actual visit to Japan, after Covid-19 has been brought under control.
The views shown are sharp & clear. It seems as if you are actually walking, seeing the scenes, the residents, the shrines and temples, but one doesn't feel rushed. Your Guide can zoom-in closer, or back off. You only sit at your computer at home, and enjoy, as if being there in person. The missing 5% would be the inability to eat the delicious foods of Japan, and the shopping, of course!
I had a wonderful time with Guide Yukiko. She is such a meticulous planner, and tries to include every possibility. She is easy to talk to, accommodating, and flexible with hours.
Even though I have taken this 'Virtual' tour with her already, I shall surely select Olom Tours, and Guide Yukiko for an actual tour with her, post Covid."

(Henry.M July.2020)

byHenry.M onOLOM Japan Tours

Travel site, OLOM Japan, is a wondrous selection for those looking to Japan for short vacations.
Guide Yukiko is probably the best Guide in Tokyo! She takes care of Itinerary details to the minute, and provides families the opportunity for parents and even grandparents a chance to visit the "Gem" of the Orient.
If you are hesitant about bringing "mobility challenged" family members on a OLOM trip, please don't be.

My experience was one of amazement, not just at the beautiful wonders and history of Japan, but the incredible omotenashi (friendliness/service/consideration) of the people.

If one needs a wheelchair getting around, or even if hesitant about walking a lot, have no fear. Service provided by JR and other private lines is nothing short of fabulous!

I needed a wheelchair for longer distances, and Guide Yukiko made arrangements, calling ahead, so at every station a wheelchair was waiting directly outside when exiting the train. I do not believe any other country provides such fabulous goodwill
and service for their visitors!!

Please encourage elderly parents/grandparents to travel with entire family. Your experience will be an OLOM experience (One Lifetime One Meeting).

Guide Yukiko also has a Nursing degree/license to cope with health situations.

(HM Visited March, 2020)

byW.S onOLOM Japan Tours
Private tour perfect for short visit to Tokyo

We only had two days in Tokyo on our recent trip to Japan. Prior to our visit we were able to communicate with Yukiko to plan our itinerary. We enjoyed a Tea Ceremony at the Imperial Hotel ( small additional charge) and then visited the Asakusa area with the Sensoji temple and Nakamise shopping area. From there we traveled via subway to the Meiji Jingu Shrine. Along the way Yukiko taught us about the subway system, the traditions at the temples and shrines and other Japanese culture. With so short a time frame in Tokyo, we efficiently visited major attractions with a knowledgeable, friendly, bilingual guide. I highly recommend the private half day tour and our guide, Yukiko.

(Wendy.S visited Feb.2020)

byH.L onOLOM Japan Tours

This was our first trip to Tokyo and we booked two tours with OLOM. Yukiko was great from the start, communicating our every needs and helpful leading up to the trip. Our first tour was a full day with private van. The driver was extremely courteous and Yukiko was fantastic in planning a very efficient route against the flow of traffic. We covered temple, shrine, food, shopping, crossing, tower, sky tree, bridge and many more hot spots. There was flexibility when we got off and she adjusted to all of our needs. I strongly recommend going with OLOM/Yukiko for your tour guide in tokyo.

(Henry.L visited Jan.2020)

byA.D onOLOM Japan Tours

I want to thank you very much for all your assistance with our many passengers during the Rugby World Cup.

We have been so impressed by your efficiency and professional approach.  You are very reliable and always helpful.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

(Adele.D visited Oct.2019)

byKatherine onOLOM Japan Tours
Most Attentive Tour Guide Ever!

We came to Japan after my son was granted his wish of visiting Japan. The Make A Wish Foundation reserved a tour of some of the areas that he wanted to see. Our guide, Yukiko, was so receptive to my son's wants and made sure that his time was spent the way he wanted.

She made sure that we were all comfortable while covering a lot of ground in Tokyo. She was sweet, kind, knowledgeable and patient. She took us to see the famous Tokyo tower, the Sensoji Shrine and Akihabara.

At the end of the tour my son said the he was so happy that he thought that he would die.

Thank you Yukiko for all your attention, you made our trip to Japan so memorable.


(Katherine.J visited Aug.2019)

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