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OLOM Japan Tours
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by H.L on OLOM Japan Tours

This was our first trip to Tokyo and we booked two tours with OLOM. Yukiko was great from the start, communicating our every needs and helpful leading up to the trip. Our first tour was a full day with private van. The driver was extremely courteous and Yukiko was fantastic in planning a very efficient route against the flow of traffic. We covered temple, shrine, food, shopping, crossing, tower, sky tree, bridge and many more hot spots. There was flexibility when we got off and she adjusted to all of our needs. I strongly recommend going with OLOM/Yukiko for your tour guide in tokyo.


by A.D on OLOM Japan Tours

I want to thank you very much for all your assistance with our many passengers during the Rugby World Cup.

We have been so impressed by your efficiency and professional approach.  You are very reliable and always helpful.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.


by Katherine on OLOM Japan Tours
Most Attentive Tour Guide Ever!

We came to Japan after my son was granted his wish of visiting Japan. The Make A Wish Foundation reserved a tour of some of the areas that he wanted to see. Our guide, Yukiko, was so receptive to my son's wants and made sure that his time was spent the way he wanted.

She made sure that we were all comfortable while covering a lot of ground in Tokyo. She was sweet, kind, knowledgeable and patient. She took us to see the famous Tokyo tower, the Sensoji Shrine and Akihabara.

At the end of the tour my son said the he was so happy that he thought that he would die.

Thank you Yukiko for all your attention, you made our trip to Japan so memorable.



by Henry on OLOM Japan Tours
Tour review

Guide Yukiko is a wonderful tour Guide! For nearly a week, she took me to many interesting & memorable places in Tokyo. Her patience and flexibility provides customers with many options; in the event of inclement weather, traffic situations, and even avoiding excessive crowds (a miracle to do in Tokyo). Her tours are planned with amazing precision, as to prices, times, distances, etc.

She has a medical background, being a Registered Nurse, and I believe Food sanitation 'engineer' also.

Most families are hesitant to include grandparents on International trips. As long as medically cleared to travel, she welcomes "mobility" challenged people to come along and enjoy the beauty of Japan!

I have osteoarthritis in both knees; yet I thoroughly enjoyed the wonders of Nippon. The sights/sounds/foods, and especially the "omotenashi" of Japan cannot be forgotten!

If beef is what you prefer, ask to dine at Sasaki's place where even 'Kobe' beef is served @ discount (before lunch hour).


by Mike on OLOM Japan Tours
Tour review

This has been my second tour with Yukiko and both have been amazing. Yukiko does an amazing job at providing suggestions and then setting a very detailed itinerary.  She comes well prepared with further explanations of the sites you are visiting and does a great job at providing the history of the site or attraction you are visiting.  When I return to Japan I'll be looking her up for another tour.


by Andrew on OLOM Japan Tours

My family used Yukiko as a guide on our fist visit to Japan 2 years ago. We enjoyed our time with her so much that seeing her again was a large part of the reason we decided to visit Japan again.

Yukiko plans each day with military precision but she is very accomodating and ensured that each day was personalised to suit the wishes of my family. We now have life long memories of Mt Fuji, the Fish Markets, Takeshita Street, the Imperial Palace etc.
We have also had unique experiences with Japanese food that we would never have otherwise had.

Yukiko is now a cherished family friend and we truly hope she can visit us in Australia so that we may return the hospitality,kindness and friendship she has shown to us.

We would highly recommend Yukiko to any visitor to Tokyo.



by Henry on OLOM Japan Tours

I agree 100% with previous reviewer. All of that person's comments indicates the comprehensive package Guide Yukiko presents travelers to Japan. First time visitors will surely come away gushing with admiration for this tour guide's expertise, knowledge, and adaptability in every area possible.

It was mentioned that a ceremony at a Buddhist Temple which most visitors might not include in their itineraries, was "most impressive," and one comes away from that solemn ritual humbled, and at peace. My own experience at the ceremony was joining a group of local residents presenting any personal object to be 'blessed' momentarily over fire, by the monk. In my case, a cane, and after returning to my seat, was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.
This Temple ceremony, surprisingly, is in the middle of Tokyo, and one need not trek to outlying areas to witness and participate. Truly a memorable experience!

Other experiences were to actually see and hear the Emperor at his usual birthday appearances (4 + signing Guest book). If visitors want to see Japan's greatest Emperor (opinion), before he abdicates, visit Japan by end of April, 2019.

Lastly, Guide Yukiko organized dinner at an authentic Kaiseki restaurant. Our party was overwhelmed by the delicacy and presentation of foods. Pricey; yes, but a once in lifetime experience.

Trust me; visit OLOM Japan Tours, and select Guide Yukiko-san!



by Alan.A on OLOM Japan Tours

We have utilized Yukiko's guide services multiple times while visiting Tokyo and have referred several friends who have done the same -- we are all in agreement that her service is exceptional and we recommend her very highly.

She puts together an interesting and varied plan for the day, based upon any preferences we have and she is highly flexible about making adjustments as appropriate as the day goes along. Yukiko's English skills are strong and have never been an issue.

A day spent with Yukiko is relaxing, fascinating, enjoyable and just fun for family and friends of any age. We have hired guides all over the world and strongly recommend Yukiko.



by Pacosmom on OLOM Japan Tours
Super Tokyo Tour with Yukiko

Our tour of Tokyo with Yukiko Fujii delighted us in so many ways and was extremely rewarding. Tokyo is a complex city to visit and Yukiko made it so much easier for us.

The whole day was a cultural delight. Yukiko took such good care of us. Her careful planning and thoughtfulness were obvious. Yukiko has an EXCELLENT command of English. There was absolutely no problem communicating. She was able to answer all of our questions knowledgeably, completely, and clearly. It was quite easy to spend the time with her. Yukiko was always very considerate of our preferences and comfort.

Her knowledge of Japanese history, culture, and customs is impressive. She carefully explained to us the symbolism behind all the Japanese rituals and art we saw. For a Westerner coming to Japan this is a valuable part of your experience. Everything you observe has a special meaning. It takes more than just seeing the sights to get the full understanding and appreciation.

Yukiko is quite intelligent, thoughtful, well-traveled, and most gracious. Having used private guides in cities on several continents, I can truly say that THIS tour was one of the best we’ve had in our travel experiences with one of the nicest and smartest guides.

I also thought the fee was extremely reasonable. All of our arrangements were by email and were completely reliable. All of our emails were promptly answered and everything was clearly confirmed in writing.

From the very beginning of planning our day by email, things went very smoothly. Yukiko and I traded suggestions but SHE is the real expert so I confidently trusted her with the final decisions.

The thorough explanations that Yukiko gave us about Japanese history and culture and the knowledge we gained from our day with her, was especially useful to us all through our 2 weeks in Japan. We constantly referred back to what Yukiko told us even when we were traveling on our own.

During our tour, Yukiko explained the various customs of ancient Japan and the meaning of many symbols, rites, and practices of both the Shinto and Buddhist heritage. She organized the day very smartly to show us different aspects of life in Tokyo.

One of the most valuable parts of the tour included her very thorough explanation of using the subway system, including how to buy the subway card, how to read the maps, and how to find the right exit.The importance of this CANNOT be overstated and this alone was worth every Yen we paid for this tour.

Understanding how to efficiently use all aspects of the subway system served us VERY well for all of our 2 weeks in Japan. We used this knowledge over and over.

In addition to showing us some of the most well known sights of Tokyo, Yukiko also introduced us to a ceremony at a Buddhist Temple that I am positive most visitors to Tokyo wouldn’t know about. We were able to observe this solemn ancient ritual which we found most impressive. This was an important highlight for us....something we never would have seen on our own. This was a very active Buddhist temple and Yukiko showed us all around before we watched the ceremony.

Another memorable experience was having Yukiko arrange a lunch for us at a tempura restaurant. This was both FUN and USEFUL. We were kind of nervous about our first meal at a “real” Japanese restaurant and knowing the proper dining etiquette, but Yukiko expertly and kindly guided us. Again, this knowledge served us very well for the rest of our trip through Japan.

During our lunch, Yukiko explained the different foods and how they’re eaten. She explained the proper Japanese dining customs. We got to interact with the tempura chef. Even with the language barrier, we enjoyed this interaction so much. This was one of the most enjoyable highlights of the day. And the food from this tiny hidden gem of a restaurant was outstanding. Yukiko had made the reservation 2 months in advance.

This lunch was another useful experience as we were now more confident about trying these small restaurants on our own.

The most valuable part of this touring experience was getting to know this charming young woman and feeling the enthusiasm and affection she has for one of the great cities and cultures of the world.


by Charles on OLOM Japan Tours
Personalized day tour of Tokyo

Yukiko was one of the best guides ever - fully informed about history, religion, nature. Yukiko planned a wonderful day tour of Tokyo and arranged everything from transportation to lunch. Outstanding