Japan’s train service is very efficient and convenience ‘Second to none!’ Train comes on time, very clean and train stuff are kind. In big cities like in Tokyo, some train have LED-TV displays in each train car so that commuters can watch some news, weather forecast and advertisements.

When you see another excellent services of Japanese train for mobility challenged passenger, you may feel the Japanese spirit of “caring”, called “Omoiyari”(Please look at these pictures). Even if you don’t have your own wheel chair but difficult for a long walking, you can ask to rent a wheel chair at the station office. Stuff kindly help to push a wheel chair inside of the station until you get on the train. Moreover, they contact to the station which you will get off and make sure a stuff of that station will wait for you with a wheel chair in front of the door when you will arrive at that station.

Most of stations in cities have elevators, but some small stations in rural area don’t have, only stairs.
In that case, they use a special machine like a caterpillar or other style to lift up or move a wheel chair to the right spot.

I always arrange this service for my clients about a half an hour in advance.
I hope more and more mobility challenged people feel free to visit to Japan and enjoy their trip.