After the rainy season, the summer vacation starts and children enjoy various summer events in Japan.

One of enjoyable summer events is “Nagashi-Somen”, literally means “flowing – Somen noodle”.   Somen is thin wheat noodles usually eaten only summer season. When you say Nagashi- Somen, Somen noodles are flowing on the water of half-cut bamboo tube from the upper stream to the downstream. People line up both sides of bamboo and try to catch Some noodles using chopsticks and eat. Somen noodles pass by so fast in front of you so that you pay attention and pick noodles up as quickly as you can.

Another fun summer event is “Suika-wari”, literally means “Water melon-break”. One who is blindfolded by cloth holds a wooden stick and walks toward a water melon set about a few meter ahead and try to hit the target.  People try to do until the water melon breaks.

Why don’t you try Japanese fun summer events at your country!?