When you are in Japan,  you probably see unique and fun shaped erasers such as sushi, animals, foods, stationary and more.  These erasers are made by Puzzle Eraser company, Iwako which is located in Yashio city in Saitama prefecture. Iwako was established by Yoshikazu Iwasawa who is now 85 years old (on the picture/2018). The company has paid attention for a trend of the time and developed new erasers. Up to 2018, Iwako made 700 different shapes of erasers! The plant tour is held on every Saturday and it's very popular.  It is required to call for advance reservation.  You can hear about the story of Iwako, explanation about their products and  a philosophy of the founder by Yoshikazu-san. Also you can buy various shapes of erasers with reasonable price at the end of the tour!