OLOM JAPAN Tours provides “Customized Private Tours ” and cherish a concept of “One Life One Meeting”.   It means that every encounter should be cherished as it may never happen again.  To meet and beyond your expectations, OLOM JAPAN Tours always has a thoughtfulness for each client to satisfy your wishes. 

For your delightful stay in Japan, OLOM Japan Tours values time for communication with each client to make an itinerary together.  It is very important to organize everything well in advance as well as to leave flexibility to adjust on your needs and requests during the tour. I would be grateful if you contact with me for your stay in Japan.

Tour area

OLOM JAPAN Tours provides Private Tours in Tokyo, Kamakura, Yokohama, Hakone, Kawagoe, Mt.Fuji area and Nagano. Visiting other area in Japan may possible.

OLOM Japan Tours also provides several Online Virtual Tours through Zoom. Please feel free to ask.

Your tour can include some Japanese cultural experiences such as Annual Japanese event, Tea ceremony, Watching Sumo morning practicing, Ninjya and Samurai experiences, Japanese drum, Wearing kimono, Making food samplings, Cooking local foods, Making traditional Japanese paper, Visiting Japanese Sake brewery or beer brewery and so on.

OLOM Japan Tours can suggest some ideas and tours depends on your interests and preference.  All tours are based on your requests.

Guide’s Profile

My name is Yukiko Fujii. I’m a National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter. I was born and raised in Tokyo. After passing the National tour guide examination, I’ve been worked as a professional tour guide since 2015. Thanks to increasing the number of repeat, referred and new clients, tour guide is my current main job. I guide in various area such as Tokyo, Kamakura, Yokohama, Hakone, Mt.Fuji and Nagano. In western Japan area, I’ve conducted tours in Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. 

I used to teach Japanese cultures to elementary students at local and private elementary schools when I lived in Canada, United states, and New Zealand. 

I also have a license of Registered Nurse and medical interpreter.  I work as a nurse during the off tourism season so that I’ve kept medical back ground. I’ve experienced to do some tours for my clients who have intractable disease and have a difficulty for long walking.   It is possible to make a plan considering their physical conditions and arrange any supports. 

I’d like to make your trip a real pleasant one. Please feel free to contact OLOM Japan Tours anytime.   


  OLOM Japan Tours