About your experience:

It’s a great opportunity that you can experience and learn Japanese traditional crafts directly from two master craft artisans who inherit the tradition from generation to generation. We visit two workshops, silver crafts called “Tokyo Ginki” and wooden crafts called “Edo Sashimono”.  We’ll design a silver bookmark at our first visiting place while learning about Japanese traditional crafts, history, their skillful techniques and more while taking with artisan. At the second place, we’ll try to make our own wooden chopsticks using a plane. After the experience, you can enjoy shopping. It’s a valuable opportunity to meet artisans and hope you will enjoy authentic Japanese culture experiences.

Tour time:
 4 hours

Maximum Number of participant:

Up to 5 people (Children who are 15 years old and older can join this tour)

Tour Fee

It depends on the number of participants. Please contact with me.

*I’ll send you an invoice from PayPal to your e-mail address. After I confirm your payment, your seat will be secured.

How to book:

Please send me your info(Name, e-mail address, Phone number) to contact e-mail address, info@olomjapan.com


Meet at our meeting spot

Experience Tokyo Ginki

Experience Edo Sashimono

The tour ends

Cancellation policy:

ON THE DATE OF TOUR 100 % charge for cancellation
1 DAY BEFORE THE DATE OF TOUR 70 % charge for cancellation
3 DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF TOUR 50 % charge for cancellation
7DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF TOUR 20% charge for cancellation
8 OR MORE DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF TOUR 0 % charge for cancellation

If you find you are not able to attend, please let me know as soon as possible.

It is best to find someone who can make up your spot. In this case, please let me know.  

Prevention of infection:

-Please wear a mask

-If you have a fever more than 37.5 degrees, you are not able to join the tour and let me know asap. Please check your body temperature before you leave home on that day.


I highly recommend having your own insurance that covers all the risks during your stay in Japan. 

Please note that I shall not be responsible for any injury, loss and troubles.

Contact Information


OLOM Japan Tours (https://olomjapan.com)



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