Great news! New virtual experience is going to start on Amazon Explore next week.

It’s “Learn the art of origami, elaborate Japanese paper folding”.

The Japanese art of origami involves creating elaborate designs from small squares of paper. In this live cultural experience lesson, I’ll show you how to make origami and introduce its history and development in Japan. Have some origami or sturdy paper plus scissors ready if you want to fold along with me. You can choose which two or three basic origami crafts we will make. Options include cranes, candy box, animals, heart, ninja stars, flowers, and even Santa. Origami is a good way to learn creativity, symmetry, concentration, and more. You’ll be skillful with your fingers after this lesson!

Highlights of session are

-Hear the history of origami in Japan.
-Pick two to three crafts and see a demonstration of how to make them.
-Learn about recommended shops for origami supply in Tokyo.
-Ask me any questions you have about origami or Japanese culture.